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Uncured Beef Smoked Sausage with Bleu Cheese
Uncured Beef Franks
Made with Lakefront® New Grist Gluten-Free Beer
Smoked Sausage Made with Pork

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Gilbert’s Craft Sausages

At Gilbert’s Craft Sausages, we believe the best way to your heart is through your stomach. Our premium, artisan sausages are crafted from better cuts of meat like beef sirloin, natural cheeses and spices, and never any artificial nitrites or nitrates, preservatives, extenders or flavors. Crafting great sausage isn’t our job – it’s our passion! Try each of our great-tasting, unique varieties, and let us know what you think. Happy Grilling!

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Submitted by Chris on Thu, Jun 04 2015

By now, we all know that getting enough protein in our diets is very important. From Atkins to Paleo and everything in between, there are myriad diets espousing the benefits of consuming higher amounts of protein. For me, rather than adhere to the strict guidelines of the fad diet du jour, I like to think about food intake from a common sense perspective.