How do I cook Gilbert’s?

Our sausages are fully-cooked and ready to eat. Sausages can be warmed in-package in the microwave, or removed from the package and heated on the stovetop, grill or other heating device.

Is your packaging microwave-safe?

Yes. Our sausages are fully-cooked in a heat-stable, BPA-free plastic. You can warm one or more links in the microwave in their sealed packaging, and the link(s) will steam-heat.

Do your sausages contain [insert allergen here]?

We fully list all ingredients on-package for the safety of people with allergies or sensitivities to dairy, caraway, mustard, red pepper and other ingredients.

All Gilbert’s Craft Sausages are gluten-free. All sausages are free of peanuts and tree nuts, and manufactured in a facility that does not manufacture any products with peanuts or tree nuts.

What does “Natural Flavors” mean?

Our natural spice blends use small amounts of “spice extractives” for flavor, including garlic powder, rosemary extract, oil of sage and oleoresin of sage.

Do your products contain dairy?

Our Caprese Chicken, Smoked Gouda Chicken and Chicken Cheddar Sausages contain cheese.

What kind of casing is on the sausage?

All sausages have a beef collagen casing. It gives us a better snap than intestinal casing without the tough, chewiness. This also means our chicken and beef sausages contain no pork.

Do Gilbert’s Craft Sausages freeze well?

Yes, very well. However, freezing is generally unnecessary due to the long shelf life and the individual wrapping.

Why is the shelf life so long?

Because they are vacuum sealed before they’re cooked. This means they’re cooked in the absence of oxygen, and any bacteria is killed off in the cooking process.

Where is Gilbert’s from?

Our products are made in Denmark, WI (just south of Green Bay), and our headquarters is in Wheaton, IL (just west of Chicago).