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5 Minute Bourbon Apple Breakfast Sandwich

This fun new idea for your waffle maker puts our Bourbon Apple Chicken Sausage to work in a 5-minute handheld snack to get your school days off to the right start.

  • Cut sausages and apples as directed/shown above, then shred cheese if needed.
  • Butter bread like you would for a grilled cheese sandwich. Set aside.
  • Heat waffle iron and spray with a non-stick cooking spray.
  • While waffle iron heats up, start making your sandwiches. To make, place sausage pieces and apple slices on one slice of your bread (the inside). Then, sprinkle cheese overtop sausage/apples. Place second piece of bread on top (buttered side up) and place on sprayed waffle iron.
  • Carefully (and slowly) close waffle iron. Cook according to manufacturers instructions.
  • Once done, remove and serve!