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Sausage, but Better.

A Gilbert’s Craft Sausage is more than just chicken sausage. We’ve gone the extra mile to overcome the limitations of other sausages – too much fat, too much mess, not enough flavor – to create great products you and your family will love to eat everyday.

Our Products

Better you say? But how?
  • Fully Cooked Sous Vide
  • Individually Wrapped Links
  • Antibiotic Free Chicken
  • All Natural

Fully Cooked Sous Vide

Our craft sausages are fully cooked sous vide, which means they’re vacuum-sealed and perfectly cooked in water at a low temperature to seal in flavor and freshness, and give you total peace of mind.  We go the extra mile to ensure our sausages are the best you’ve ever tasted.

Why Gilbert’s?

Individually Wrapped for Convenience

Our sausage links are individually wrapped like string cheese. You can enjoy only as many as you want and keep the rest fresh in the fridge. Whether you’re looking for versatility, portability, or just want to reduce food waste, we’ve got you covered.

Why Gilbert’s?

Made for Any Meal or Snack

Our craft sausages are great on the grill, but healthy and easy enough to prepare for any meal or snack. Use our fully cooked links wherever you’re looking for some extra protein.


Individually-Wrapped Craft Sausages

with Mozzarella, Basil & Sun-Dried Tomatoes
with Pineapple, Ginger & Brown Sugar
Chicken Sausage

See what people are saying about Gilbert’s

“I’ve recently found your products and just love them. By far my favorite is the Caprese! I have made that and put it into a plain hot dog bun with no condiments because it does not need it. The flavor says it all. I can’t wait to try other flavors. I also like it only take 30 seconds In the microwave and it’s ready to go. What a wonderful product!”
“I love these sausages! I’m having fun making some creative meals with them.”
“Everything you could want in a sausage. From the ready-to-eat wonderful flavors to the individual packaging, Gilbert’s has thought of everyone and everything. I never wonder if all my friends can eat it. My favorite brand by far. Just perfect.”

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